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I just got a wall comment on facebook from Charley’s Fund (from Charley’s mother I’m sure) and I was inspired to share it with you on this blog.  This boy and his family are truly inspiring.  They are facing daily challenges that most of us can’t imagine but there is something that we can do to help.  Download the Live Inspired application from iTunes, donate to Charley’s Fund, buy a Darius Goes West DVD.  The science to help these kids is so close to being realized as an effective therapy.  We all have an opportunity to take part in something important and urgent.  Please help.

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Yesterday at 12:28pm

Charley wrote this poem…cover had pics of all the little things in life…some innocent cartoon character, ice cream cone, some a little more lascivious…beer (oops!), a $50 bill,

I think God is a boy
I know God speaks in every language
God is everywhere
in the sky
on the floor
in heaven and 
where you look
I think God is white, like clouds
I think God knows I am sick
I think God lives in the sky
God is holy


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